AltaMed Health Services - 29/08/2014

AltaMed Health has notified patients of a data breach when a temporary employee and other individuals were reported to be under investigation for an identity theft scheme, according to Arcadia law enforcement agents. No arrests have been made currently, but the investigation is continuing."Law enforcement disclosed it recovered a hard drive and other evidence during its investigation, that this hard drive and evidence may include the organization’s records, and that it believes this information may have been misused by participants in the identity theft ring currently under investigation". The investigation has shown that this temporary employee accessed electronic and paper records for individuals that attended community events in Orange and Los Angeles counties from October 24, 2013 through June 6, 2014. The temporary employee was hired to help with patient enrollment.The records this person had access to included names, email addresses, telephone numbers, Social Security numbers, provider information, insurance information, dates of birth, and addresses. AltaMed is offering AllClear ID and AllClear ID Pro for those individuals affected. You can find information regarding these services by calling (877) 579-2263More Information: