Bank of New York Mellon - 2008

The company lost a box of computer data tapes storing personal information including names, Social Security numbers and possibly bank account numbers. UPDATE (5/07/08): On February 27, Bank of New York Mellon gave the unencrypted backup tape containing information on about 4.5 million consumers -- hundreds of thousands of them People's United Bank customers and investors -- and nine other tapes to a storage firm, Archive Systems, Inc., for transportation to a storage facility. When the storage company vehicle arrived at the storage facility, the tape was missing. The other nine tapes reached the facility safely. UPDATE (5/31/08): The Hartford Courant reports the following figures regarding the number of Connecticut shareholders affected by the lost computer tape: 403,894 People's United Bank 33,586 John Hancock Financial 18,361 Walt Disney Co. 10,000 the remaining shareholders UPDATE (8/30/08): The estimated number of people affected by a data breach at Bank of New York Mellon Corp has been raised from 4.5 million to 12.5 million. UPDATE (2/19/09): The Bank of New York Mellon will pay Connecticut $150,000 as part of a settlement. The bank will continue to provide those affected by the breach with credit monitoring and fraud alerts for a total of 36 months of protection. It will also reimburse anyone for funds stolen from their accounts as a direct result of the data breach.