Department of Motor Vehicles - California - 22/03/2014

The California DMV is investigating a potential data breach of their credit card processing systems. Reportedly several large financial institutions received private alerts this week from MasterCard about compromised cards used for charges. As reported by Krebs on Security, "the alert, sent privately by MasterCard to financial institutions this week, did not name the breached entity but said the organization n question experienced a "card-not-present" breach-industry speak for transactin conducted online. The alert further stated that the date range of the potentially compromised transactions extended from August 2, 2013 to January 31, 2014, and that the data stolen included the card number, expiration date, and three-digit security code printed on the back of cards".Krebs contacted 5 different financial institutions, two mid-sized California banks and "confirmed receipt of the MasterCard notice, and said that all of the cars MasterCard alerted them about as cmopromised had been used for charges bering the notation "STATE OF CALIF DMV INT."The DMV, who originally stated they would investigate, put out a statement at 6:44 Eastern Time on March 22, 2014, placing blame on the the third party credit card processing company.The total amount of individuals potentially affected at this time is unknown. KrebsOnSecurity stated that they had received a list of more than 1,000 cards, from one bank, that were potentially exposed that included credit card numbers, expiration dates and three-digit security codes printed on the back.