Department of Public Health - Alabama - 22/05/2014

The Alabama Department of Public Health notified individuals of a breach when the U.S Attorney's Office for the Middle District of Alabama and the U.S. Department of Justice's Tax Division informed the health department that they were prosecuting individuals in an id theft ring involving personal information used to file fraudulent tax returns."The indictment indicates that the women ran a large-scale ID theft ring between January 2011 and December 2013 during which time they filed more than 7,000 false tax returns that claimed more than $20 million. Authorities say the woman stole identities from numerous places. Tracy Mitchell, for example, worked at the hospital at Fort Benning, Georgia, where she had access to military personnel data, including that of soldiers deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. Authorities also claim that Tracy Mitchell and her co-indicted daughter, Latasha Mitchell, obtained stolen identities from an Alabama state agency, that Keisha Lanier obtained stolen identities from the Alabama Department of Corrections, that Talarious Paige and Patrice Taylor worked in a call center for a Columbus, Georgia company and stole identities and that Paige, in turn, sold those identities and they were used by Tracy Mitchell, Keisha Lanier, and others to file false tax returns".