Dominion Resources - 21/07/2014

Personal information of more than 1,700 people at Dominion Resources Inc. were compromised when unauthorized parties hacked the employee wellness plan. The hacker gained access via a subcontractor's system, StayWell Health Management LLC who runs Dominions "Well on Your Way" program which includes a health screening, to gain the information hacked.The hacking actually occurred at a vendor Stay Well uses, Onsite Health Diagnostics, based in Irvine, Texas, that provideds the sign-up mechanism for "Well on Your Way's" health-screening appointments. The information included individuals' names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, gender and dates of birth of employees, spouses and domestic partners who went online to schedul a health-screening appointment going back to 2012. "Dominion Resources said the company was notified of the breach on June 24 but didn't learn the identities of those affected until July 7th. Dominion Resources is investigating why it took so long for the company to be notified. They are no longer using Onsite Health Diagnostics for scheduling".