Goodwill Industries International - 14/07/2014

Financial institutions are tracking what appears to be fraudulent activity at numerous Goodwill retail stores. The fraudulent activity involves credit card breaches and that the compromised credit cards appear to have started at Goodwill stores across the country. The credit card information is then showing up at other retail establishments, similar to the breaches that occurred at Target, Neiman Marcus, P.F. Changs, etc.“Goodwill Industries International was contacted last Friday afternoon by a payment card industry fraud investigative unit and federal authorities informing us that select U.S. store locations may have been the victims of possible theft of payment card numbers,” the company wrote in an email.  “Investigators are currently reviewing available information,” the statement continued. “At this point, no breach has been confirmed but an investigation is underway. Goodwills across the country take the data of consumers seriously and their community well-being is our number one concern. Goodwill Industries International is working with industry contacts and the federal authorities on the investigation. We will remain appraised of the situation and will work proactively with any individual local Goodwill involved taking appropriate actions if a data compromise is uncovered.”Goodwill Industries stated they learned of the potential breach on July 18th and is working with federal investigators to determine if the breach is legitimate and if legitimate. how many stores were affected. UPDATE (9/10/2014): Goodwill Industries announced that the data breach they suffered is linked to a third party vendor.  "Goodwill said a forensic investigation had found that a third-party vendor's systems had been attacked by malware, providing the attackers with access to the credit card data of several of that vendor's customers intermittently between February 10, 2013 and August 14, 2014".According to Goodwill, 330 Goodwill stores in 20 states were affected. Forbes reported that 868,000 individuals were affected.More Information: