John Hopkins University - 07/03/2014

University officials at John Hopkins University announced a data breach of their Department of Biomedical Engineering's Design Team course web server. A hacker claiming to be part of the group Anonymous claimed credit for the hack.The hackers made an attempt to extort the university out of server passwords, but the university did not comply with the request.Officials at the university said that the server did not contain Social Security numbers, birth dates, credit card numbers or any financial data. The data the server did contain included employee data that is publicly available from the department's website. Those affected include any students from the BME department who were enrolled in the course from 2006 to this past fall. Approximately 1,307 individuals may have been affected.There was a coding error that left the database vunerable was identified and fixed but not prior to the hackers infiltrating the system. The server was primarily used to produce the BME department's website. Although the breach happened late last year, it was not realized until someone posted on Twitter in January that the server was open to attack.