Maricopa County Community College District - 2013

An unspecified data breach may have exposed the information of current and former students, employees, and vendors.  Names, Social Security numbers, bank account information, and dates of birth may have been viewed by unauthorized parties.UPDATE (12/02/2013): Student academic information may have also been exposed.  The Maricopa County Community College District's governing board will spend as much as $7 million to notify and offer credit monitoring to those who may have been affected.UPDATE (12/07/2013): Estimations for the cost of the breach are as high as $14 million.UPDATE (4/22/2014): Maricopa County Community College District waited seven months to inform 2.5 millions individuals (students, staff, graduates) of the security breach. The District is now in a class action lawsuit. The lawsuit claims that the "FBI warned the Maricopa County Community College District in January of 2011 that a number of its databases had been breached and made available for sale on the Internet". It was also reported that "the district's Information Technology Services employee also became aware of the security breach in January 2011, and repeatedly reported their findings to Vice Chancellor George Kahkedjian".