Neiman Marcus - 2014

Neiman Marcus confirmed that its database of customer information was hacked last month, around mid-December, the same time that Target stores were targeted. The case is similar to the Target case in that only retail shoppers were affected, no online shoppers were affected. The cause, size and duration of the attack are not yet known and should start to be revealed once a third party investigation is completed. The company is also working with the Secret Service, which is customary in these types of attacks.UPDATE (1/16/2014): It has been reported that the breach at Neiman Marcus could as far back as July 2013 and that the breach was not fully contained until Sunday January 12, 2014. Neiman Marcus is still not communicating the total amount of individuals affected, but did comment that "some of their customers" payment cards were used fraudulently and have taken steps to notify those customers. They still do not believe that Social Security numbers or birth dates were affected.UPDATE (1/25/2014): Neiman Marcus released a statement that approximately 1.1 million individuals have been affected by the recent data breach to their system.