Northern Trust Company - 29/07/2014

The Northern Trust Company communicated a data breach to customers that involved their personal information. Northern Trust Company "provides or previously provided payment services for an employee benefits plan or program in which you participate or participated through. In that capacity, Northern Trust is responsible for maintaining certain personal information about you as a participant of that plan. Regrettably, we are writing to inform you about an inadvertent disclosure by Northern Trust of some of that information"."As part of normal procedures, Northern Trust sends participant information to record-keeping companies that assist in administering those benefit plans and programs. In late May, a Northern Trust employee transmitted a file containing your information to one of our record-keeping companies that was not responsible for the plan in which you participate (d). The information included your name, address, Social Security number, and benefits plan or program account number, as well as other information about your benefits plan or program account, such as your payment /deduction amounts and, in some situations, bank routing and account numbers used for direct deposits".