PF Chang's - 11/06/2014

P.F Chang's is investigating a potential data breach, when credit cards showed up on an underground website that criminals use. Brian Krebs broke the story, when the banks he contacted confirmed that the cards had been used at P.F Chang's restaurants. P.F Chang's is investigating the allegations currently with authorities.UPDATE (06/30/2014): PF Chang's has had a class action lawsuit filed against the restaurant chain. The company confirmed on June 12, 2014 that a breach had occured. Some experts believe that the lawsuit is unlikely to succeed because some security experts have said, because proving consumer losses linked to the specific restaurant data breach is difficult to do.Some believe it was a breach of the restaurants POS system, most likely infiltrated by malware, similar to the Target and Salley Beauty breaches, the restaurant chain has yet to divulge any details, including the number of cards exposed. UPDATE (8/4/2014): "P.F Chang's China Bistro Ltd. stated Monday that the data breach that affected customer credit and debit cards affected 33 locations throughout the continental U.S.", the investigatin is still ongoing.