Seton Northwest Hospital - 28/04/2014

A computer-like device was stolen from Seton Northwest Hospital that is used in the sleep lab. The device according to the hospital, is a Hewlett Packard desktop device that is used to capture and manipulate data from sleep studies. "It does not function like a normal computer. The operator would need a password and access to Seton systems to get a hold of patient data". Reportedly the data consists of names, dates of birth and Seton account numbers.The device was stored inside a locked storage area at Seton Northwest Hospital, where the device was stolen.In response Seton Healthcare sent the following statement:"But to be safe, Seton already has offered, at no cost to patients, ID protection for a year to all the 180 or so patients whose information we believe is on this data storage device. Seton is sincerely sorry that this incident occurred and plans to work closely with the patients involved to protect them from harm."