Sorenson Communications and CaptionCall - 27/03/2014

On March 7 it was discovered that there was an unauthorized access to Sorenson Communications employee data via the payroll vendor utilized for both Sorenson Communications and CaptionCall employees. The personal information breached includes both the employee, beneficiaries, dependents, and emergency contacts, or anyone listed in the employees HR account with the company. The information includes names, dates of birth, addresses, Sorenson income histories, Social Security Numbers, W-2 information, and emergency contact data and appeared to have happened between February 20, 2014 through March 3, 2014.The FBI has been contacted and is investigating the breach. An email was sent to all those affected on March 11th with instructions on how to enroll in the company-provided credit monitoring services. If an email was not received they are requesting those individuals contact the Human Resources Department at to obtain the information.