St. Vincent Breast Center - 04/07/2014

St. Vincent Breast Center have announced that patient's health information may have been breached after the center sent around 63,000 letters to the wrong patients. The letters included patient names, addresses and in certain references to scheduled appointments. Reportedly no Social Security numbers, financial information or clinical information."St.Vincent Breast Center entered into an agreement with Indianapolis Breast Center P.C. and Solis Women’s Health Breast Imaging Specialists of Indiana P.C. after they both closed last year. On May 5, St.Vincent Breast Center mailed letters intended for prior patients of the Indianapolis Breast Center and Solis Women’s Health to inform them that St.Vincent was available to provide care. Some letters also welcomed patients who had previously scheduled healthcare services. Officials said on May 15, people who had accidentally received another person’s letter began calling St.Vincent".For those affected they can call 1-877-216-3862 from Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.