Texas Health and Human Services - 25/11/2014

The Texas Health and Human Services department discovered a data breach it appears by "chance" after terminating their relationship with Xerox Corporation. "In August, after the transition to a new Medicaid vendor, the Texas commission filed a lawsuit against Xerox, alleging that the contractor had failed to turn over computer equipment, as well as paper records, containing Medicaid and health information for 2 million individuals, "putting the state out of compliance with federal regulations and at risk of massive federal fines," says a statement issued by Texas HHSC in August."The Texas Health and Human Services department has notified individuals of the data breach communicating that their information may have been compromised. The information includes "Medicaid clients' names, birthdates, Medicaid numbers, and medical and billing records related to care provided through Medicaid, such as reports, diagnosis codes and photographs."More Information: http://www.govinfosecurity.com/breach-reported-after-vendor-dispute-a-7605