The Home Depot - 02/09/2014

The Home Depot appears to be another victim of a data breach of their POS systems, reportedly by the same Russian hacking group that hit Target, Michaels, Neiman Marcus and P.F. Chang's. Brian Krebs of Krebs on Security reported that a significantly large amount of debit and credit card information went up for sale on the underground cybercrime sites, all leading back to purchases made at Home Depot stores across the US.Home Depot is currently investigating the potential breach. Updated postings will follow as more information comes in.More Information: UPDATE (9/10/2014): The Home Depot has now confirmed that their credit card processing systems were compromised in 2,200 of its stores across the U.S and Canada. Currently, no information has been released as to the number of individuals affected. Authorities are predicting this could surpass the 40 million individuals affected by the Target hacking.More Information: (9/16/2014): "A group of attorneys general have opened a multistate investigation into the recently confirmed data breach at Home Depot Inc."Attorneys General in Connecticut, Illinois and California will be leading the investigation to uncover the cause of the data breach and how the retailer has handled the breach with their affected customers. More Information: (9/18/2014): The Home Depot has announced the data breach they suffered earlier this month has affected approximately 56 million credit and debit cards. This makes this breach the second largest breach ever, just behind TJX'x co's breach of 90 million records. The also announced that they see no evidence of any breach of their stores in Mexico or for those who shopped at their online store, Information: (9/26/2014): At least 15 law suits have been filed against The Home Depot for the recent data breach that occurred in US and Canadian stores. The lawsuit alleges that The Home Depot neglected to secure customers' financial and personal information. Most of the cases were filed by customers, however two credit unions and one bank have also filed suit. More Information: (9/29/2014): The Home Depot has posted a page on their website regarding the recent data breach, for consumers who were affected. This page will advise you on what to do and how to obtain information to take advantage of the free 12 month credit monitoring services. Make sure to scroll down past the photo.More Information: (11/14/2014): The Home Depot has now announced that on top of the 56 million customers who had financial information compromised in the breach, the hackers also made off with 53 million email addresses of customers as well. More Information: (11/25/2014): The Home Depot is facing 44 civil lawsuits in the U.S and Canada as a result of the data breach that occured across the organizations retail stores. Currently the company "has been working to deploy EuroPay MasterCard Visa (EMV) chip-and-pin security at each of its U.S. and Canadian stores. The breach compromised the financial details of customers who shopped at any of Home Depot's 2,266 stores in the U.S. and Canada".More Information: