The Home Depot - 06/02/2014

Three Home Depot employees were arrested for allegedly stealing personal information of some 300 employees, and were initially detected last fall and those employees whose files were notified of the breach. One of the three employees was caught using her Home Depot email to send the stolen information. Security investigators fear that this breach may have affected as manay as 20,000 individuals. Information stolen included Social Security numbers and birthdates. Allegedly the employees opened numerous fraudlent accounts with the stolen personal information. UPDATE (5/30/2014): Originally it was reported that up to 20,000 individuals may have been affected by this security breach. The number has now been increased to 30,000 individuals may have been affected. The first report that came out reported three Home Depot employees were involved, but according to the disclosure document sent on behalf of The Home Depot Corporation, one individual was arrested and The Home Depot will seek prosecution of the individual to the fullest extent of the law.