University California - Irvine - 14/05/2014

On March 26, 2014, the California Information Security Office notified the University California Irvine that three of the computers in the Student Health Center had been infected by a keylogging virus, which captured the keystrokes as information was being entered into the computers, then transmitted the data to unauthorized servers. They believe that hackers gained information from February 14th through March 27th 2014.  As a result of the virus personal information of individuals was compromised. The information included names, unencrypted medical information, potentially including health or dental insurance number, CPT codes, ICD9 codes and/or diagnosis, student ID numbers, non-student patient ID numbers, mailing addresses, telephone numbers, amounts paid to the Student Health Center for services, bank names and check numbers. UC Irvine has contracted with ID Experts to provide one year of FraudStop credit monitoring and one year of CyberScan Internet monitoring for those affected. To enroll visit and use the code provided in the letter sent to those affected or call 1-877-810-8083.