Willis North America - 25/04/2014

Willis North America Inc, informed customers that on "March 19, 2014 an email was sent internally to a group of current Willis Associates who were enrolled in the medical Plan's Healthy Rewards Program". The original email sent out to customers was as a reminder for a special program through their company, however the individual who sent the email "accidentally attached a spreadsheet to the email that was not meant to be included". The information on the spreadsheet included names, email addresses, dates of birth, social security numbers, employee ID numbers, and office locations by city/state/zip, Wellness credits, an individuals credit status codes, insurance coverage codes, internal codes for plan geographic region and type of reward applicable, last effective date of medical plan elections, election selections, original and last start dates, and when medical plan coverages began. The spreadsheet did not include any information that revealed health conditions, health treatments or health claims, or personal health information regarding spouses or dependents. The company has arranged for two years of identity theft protection at no charge. Those affected can find the information at www.trustedid.com/enhanced-identity-theft-protection. To register to to www.trustedid.com/willis and enter the activation code WNAIDE0314 OR CALL 1-888-880-0761.